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Coming to work at Carefree was one of the best career moves I could have made. I had an upper management background without any direct sales experience but, the training was thorough and immersive. Even when I struggled early on, the management team was right there to help bridge gaps in my knowledge and ability. Their help allowed me to reach my potential and be truly compensated for the work level that I performed. The entire team, from management, to the office staff, to the installation team, all create a great work environment focused on teamwork and continuous Improvement. If you put in the effort, follow the system the way it's designed, and are open to feedback (honest and helpful), you can be highly successful working for Carefree. Mike C. - In Home Sales Representative.

Joining the CareFree team is easily the best decision I’ve made in the past 10 years. Having been in the home improvement industry since 2008 I had come to believe that all home improvement companies were the same but CareFree Home Pros is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this industry. CareFree provides me the support I need to accomplish my responsibilities more efficiently and effectively and the atmosphere in the office is one of inclusiveness and teamwork. One of the most uncommon aspects is the amount of transparency at CareFree Home Pros. And that’s for both the customers and employees, expectations are clearly established and explained in a way that lets you understand the bigger picture. At CareFree any question is welcomed and the answers and explanations help to show that every system in place is part of a greater whole. CareFree has created an environment where every department works to support the other departments like a well oiled machine. It’s clear that those at the top understand that each department and each person here is an equally valuable piece of the company and I am proud to say that I am part of the CareFree Team. Al G. Inside Sales / Customer Service

I have worked with several other companies in my career. One of the factors that keeps me staying where I am and working with Carefree is that John is one of the fairest bosses Ive ever worked for. He is direct and as transparent as possible. If you do some well , your rewarded and if you need help in a certain area, hell let you know but work with you to fix the problem. As far as the products go, we have the best in the industry for the fairest price and stand behind them 100%. Couldnt ask for a better situation as a sales person. Greg H. - In Home Sales Representative

After one year of working for Carefree Home Pros, my expectations have been more than fulfilled. By using my past experience and my training from Carefree Home Pros, I now have the opportunity to earn a full time salary and I only work part time. Promoting the Carefree Home Pro’s products is very easy to do because I get such great feedback from my customers that have purchased the product. They make a point to stop at the kiosk and tell me how happy they are with the product they have purchased and how professional the specialist and the installers performed their jobs. Betty W. - Brand Ambassador/Product Promoter

When I first saw the advertisement for a marketing position at CareFree Home Pros I was enticed by the opportunity to make full time money on a part time flexible schedule. Being a college student at the time, it almost seemed too good to be true that I could earn great money without detracting from my studies. Fast forward a couple of years and CareFree Home Pros has positively affected my life in a way that is difficult to quantify. Here at CareFree Home Pros I was taught a multitude of things not the least of which include how to sell, how to be organized, how to lead others, how to manage a team, and how to develop others while developing myself along the way. Highlights of a career with CareFree Home Pros include all expenses paid business trips, unmatched sales and marketing training that you won’t find in school, and truly life changing money assuming you provide the work ethic. In summary, I have CareFreeHomePros to thank for not only helping me succeed financially, but in personal areas of my life as well. I can’t recommend highly enough that you choose a career with CareFree Home Pros. Maxwell G - Brand Ambassador/Promotions Manager

Working for a Carefree Homepros has allowed me to take charge of my future and influence my own career development. Carefree Homepros continues to recognize and support my aspirations. I have been encouraged to develop the skills and access the support I need to take on a number of challenging roles and projects. I started over 10 years ago as an installer and worked my way up through the company to Installations Manager. I am proof that all levels of leadership are accessible within this company. The talented and supportive colleagues that surround me each day make working here a pleasure. Scott S. Installation Manager

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